MECATE 2017 "Envisioning the future of Education"

MECATE aims to identify public entrepreneurship projects around the world that are transforming the way that learning occurs.

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We have received some emails and comments concerning technical failures of the Socialab Platform.

If you are experimenting issues with the platform, you can apply directly with us.

As an offline alternative you can download the following form: 

Fill the form and send the document to before April 25th at 23:59:59 hrs (GMT-5).

It will be considered as any other application and won’t affect your evaluation.

We are looking for social innovators and public entrepreneurs from all around the globe who are transforming the field of education.
Thru an open call, we will identify up to six initiatives that will be brought to Mexico to enhance and strengthen their projects and have the chance to implement them in Mexico.

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The project should promote the betterment of education in the 21st Century through one of the following strategies:

-Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and flexible learning pathways.

-Prepare learners with relevant training and guidance that allow them to prosper in a knowledge-based and technology-driven world.

This strategies could be achieved by addressing model and technology trends such as, but not limited to:


If you are interested in being part of this third generation, read the application guidelines and apply to MECATE.

This call will be open from March 16th to April 25nd, 2017


What is there for you?

By being selected as a member of the MECATE community, you will be able to spend a week in Mexico, where we will collaborate with you to strenghten your project and define plan to implement a formal pilot in the country.

Stage 1: Pre-work

You will prepare yourselves to have a highly productive week in Mexico by receiving assessment, mentorship, information and feedback.

Stage 2: Event

You will be brought to Mexico to join the MECATE community (all expenses covered) and with the help of mentors, developers, experts in the political/public field, among others, you will receive assessment on a variety of topics to further develop your project and plan how to expand the initiative to our country.

Stage 3: Validation

For the next semester, you will be linked to a multidisciplinary group of 3 highly-committed students and 12 faculty members from Tecnológico de Monterrey which will take the project through a process of validation to ensure the successful launch of the pilot. 

Stage 4: Implementation

You will launch and implement the pilot of your project, evaluate its outcomes, document learnings, and determine the viability or not to formally launch the initiative in the country.

For this stage, the support granted might include:
•Flight tickets.
•Support for technological development.
•Link to private, public and social sector representatives to enhance the pilot.
•Guidance on diverse topics by Tecnologico de Monterrey faculty.


Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the 3rd generation of MECATE.

This is the first step to join a unique program that gathers entrepreneurs  from around the world.

This application closes on April 25th at 23:59:59 hrs (GMT-5).

Any doubts please contact us, we’ll be glad to help.


The following application form consists of three blocks:

1. Individual and Team information
2. Project information
3. Expansion to Mexico
4. Additional materials

Please take your time to complete all the fields.

We are interested in having a comprehensive knowledge about you, although we are not expecting very long answers.

Please note that all the information should be completed in English.


Finaliza 29 de Apr, 2017

From April 26th to 28th the Evaluation Committee will select 10 to 15 teams that will move on to the next stage.

a. On May 4th, these candidates should make themselves available for an on-line interview with the organizers.

b. The interview consists of:

1) 2 minute presentation of the team;

2) 3 minute pitch of the project

3) 5 minute exposition of interests and plan to expand to Mexico

4) 5 minute Q&As.


Finaliza 04 de May, 2017

From May 22nd to June 30th , the six initiatives that are selected to come to Mexico will go through a stage called “Pre-work” which is intended to ensure that the week spent in Mexico is highly productive.

During pre-work:

MECATE staff will:

•Provide more information on the education sector in Mexico.

•Assess the mentorship needs of each Project.

Participants will:

•Have the opportunity to exchange ideas between initiatives.

•Have the opportunity to ask for feedback, opinions or clarifications from the staff and/or mentors.

•Be asked to refine the scope of the pilot to be launched.

•Provide a list of technological needs, if any.

•Provide a list of their interest on specific potential partners for the Project.

These interactions will continue to happen through the main platform (Socialab).


Finaliza 30 de Jun, 2017

During the week of the MECATE event, the teams will receive support in order to strengthen their projects and strategically plan how to implement them in the country.

Mentors, developers, experts in the political/public field, among others, will be part of the MECATE community engaged with the initiatives. At the end of the week, the projects that prove to qualify for implementation, will be connected to the private and public entities that will help them execute a 4-month pilot test in Mexico (particularly in Guadalajara) during 2018.

The criteria to evaluate if initiatives will receive support to run the pilot will be fully defined on May 22nd, but some guidelines to be considered are:

•Number of partnerships acquired during the week

•Demonstration of a viable and sustainable model for the Mexican market

•Progress in the engagement with policy makers or local authorities.

•Clarity on the scope and needs to run the pilot.


Finaliza 14 de Jul, 2017